Ford Ranger/Mazda B Series Fuel Pump Replacement Costs - How to Save

Mazda fuel pump

The 1997 Mazda B2300 is one of the models known to suffer from fuel pump issues.

The Ford Ranger/Mazda B Series are classics in the small truck market. From 1983 to 2012, the Ford Ranger was one of the best-selling compact trucks in the USA thanks to its small but powerful engine, unexpectedly good fuel economy, and all-around durability. The same can be said for the Mazda B-Series, which was essentially a rebadged clone of the Ford Ranger.

While there was was a lot of upside to the Ranger/B-Series, the fuel system is prone to failure. Specifically, fuel pump problems are common complaints for later models. A quick search on backs this up. For the 1988 Ranger, for example, owners often experience faulty fuel pump shutoff switches. Other Ford Ranger (and Mazda B-Series) model years are prone to fuel system problems as well.

Buying a Replacement Fuel Pump

When buying a Ford Ranger/Mazda B Series OEM replacement fuel pump, you’re going to run into a few issues. First, finding one is almost impossible. Many fuel system parts are now obsolete because manufacturers just aren’t making them. If you do manage to find one, be prepared to reach deep into your pocketbook—it isn't going to be cheap. Even then, those pricey replacements often fail just a few months after install.

That’s where Auteria comes in. We offer OEM quality replacements and have nearly 50 years experience manufacturing OEM fuel systems and system components. Since Auteria sells directly to you, the consumer, you'll save a lot of money. That’s because manufacturers normally sell parts to distributors, who sell to other distributors, who sell to retailers, who then finally sell them to the consumer. With Auteria, you're getting factory direct pricing.

Better Quality, Lower Prices

Just how much less expensive is an Auteria fuel system part?

Take Ford part number F57Z-9H307FA, a fuel pump and sender assembly that fits most Ford Rangers from 1987 to 1997. One of the lowest priced online OEM Ford part retailers has it listed for $358. Another low price retailer of OEM Mazda parts has the Mazda version of this fuel pump listed for $367. The same OEM-quality, factory-direct part from Auteria is only $65.

Here's why Auteria is so much less expensive: We are a fuel systems manufacturer. We produce and sell replacement fuel system components to a lot of different companies. In fact, many of the after-market fuel system brands you find online buy their parts from us, as do a few OEMs.

By selling our pumps directly to the consumer, we're able to beat our competitor's pricing without sacrificing quality. We have a standard 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty on all our products, and we stand behind every component we sell with excellent customer service.

To get started, visit our homepage to use our part look up tool and find parts specifically for your vehicle.