What Does It Cost To Replace a Fuel Pump

As a broad range, fuel pump replacement for any vehicle can cost anywhere from $50 to $700, depending on the vehicle, the geographic location, and the choice of mechanic. Below, you’ll find three estimates based on the three most common choices for replacing a fuel pump along with some pros and cons for each choice.

Dealership Replacement

There are two major advantages to choosing a dealership for your fuel pump replacement:

  • Record keeping
  • Guaranteed OEM replacement

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If the dealership is part of the national chain for your vehicle’s make, maintenance records can be found at any participating dealer. This raises vehicle resale values and helps you avoid most denial reasons for many warranty claims. The guarantee of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts being used in the repairs also affects warranty and resale.

Unfortunately, dealership repairs come with a high price tag and tend to take much longer to complete. The average cost of a dealership replacement of a fuel pump is $500-$700, depending on your vehicle. Labor costs and parts markups are the bulk of this price tag.

Independent Shop Replacement

Repair garage

Like going through a dealership, using an independent mechanic or shop has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros of an independent shop are that they'll get the work done fairly quickly and will often allow you to bring in your own parts (rather than using their parts).

The disadvantages of using an independent mechanic are a lack of record keeping (versus the dealership) for warranty and other claims and the uncertainty that may come with not knowing the mechanic’s true expertise level. However, you can check online reviews or ask around for recommendations on a reputable independent shop.

The average cost of an independent shop’s fuel pump replacement on most cars is $250-$500, depending on geographic location and vehicle. Most of this cost is labor. You can keep your costs minimal by providing your own OEM quality parts, such as those offered by Auteria.

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Do-It-Yourself Fuel Pump Replacement

If you're fairly handy in the garage, are armed with good instructions, and have high quality replacement parts, it's possibly to do a DIY fuel pump replacement in about three hours (less if you have access to a vehicle lift).

On the downside, even if you keep a detailed record of your own repair, it could be seen as questionable in the event of a warranty claim. There's also the risk of completing the repair incorrectly or incompletely.

The average cost of a DIY fuel pump replacement is $50 to $400, depending on the vehicle and the overall cost of the parts. Because we are a manufacturer selling directly to the public, we can keep our fuel pump prices low. With Auteria, you get more "bang for the buck" than you do with parts you find at your local auto parts chain store.

Whatever option you're considering for fuel pump replacement, make sure you keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages so you can choose what's best for you.