Ford Thunderbird Fuel Pump Replacements - Costs and How to Save

Tbird fuel pump1

The Ford Thunderbird is legendary. As Ford's first foray into the luxury segment, the T-Bird set a standard for the sport coupe that other automakers would follow.

Despite its pioneering style, the Thunderbird had one glaring flaw: a fuel system that was prone to failure. Over the years, Thunderbird owners have reported failed fuel delivery systems and multiple replacements. There have also been a number of NHTSA warnings regarding the fuel system. You can read more about this specific problem on Car Complaints.

This issue posed a few different problems for Thunderbird owners. For one, Ford never issued a recall for these fuel pumps, so the only way to replace them was to purchase an OEM replacement. This also proved difficult since finding a quality OEM replacement is nearly impossible. Many fuel system parts are now obsolete, giving the few left a sky-high price that renders the project not worth it.

Buying a Replacement Fuel Pump

Instead of spending hours trying to track down an OEM replacement - trust it, it'll take that much time or more - you can buy an OEM-quality replacement from Auteria for about $50.

Why go with OEM-quality? Because a low quality part can often fail just a few months after install, leaving you with the same issue you were dealing with before. Auteria, a manufacturer of OEM-quality fuel systems and system components, offers the great quality your vehicle needs to stay on the road for tens of thousands of miles to come.

The Auteria Difference

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If you're wondering why Auteria is able to price our fuel pumps so low, it's because we're factory direct. Since Auteria sells parts directly to the consumer, a lot of money is saved. In the normal market, manufacturers sell parts to distributors, who may then sell to other distributors, who then sell to retailers, who then sell to the consumer.

Auteria cuts out the middle men, saving you money. Plus, you can drive easy knowing the fuel pump in your Thunderbird is the best the industry has to offer.

Ready to get an OEM-quality replacement fuel pump for your late-model Thunderbird? Here's what Auteria has to offer:

A11-051S 1989 - 1997 V6-3.8L

A11-051S 1994 - 1997 V8-4.6L

A11-051S 1993 - 1995 V8-5.0L