Can You Rebuild an Electric Fuel Pump?

Wondering if you can rebuild an electric fuel pump? You’re not alone. Back in the ol’ days, before the first electric modern fuel pump was invented, rebuilding mechanical fuel pumps was a common way to resolve fuel pump issues. Many people wonder if they can do the same thing with electric fuel pumps.


The short answer: If we're talking about a modern electric fuel pump, you cannot rebuild it.

Why Can't You Rebuild an Electric Fuel Pump?

Rebuilding is only possible with mechanical fuel pumps, which are found on older cars with carbureted engines. Mechanical pumps are composed of common parts (like springs, valve assemblies, and gaskets, to name a few) that are easy to find and replace.

Mechanical fuel pump

Electric pumps, on the other hand, contain parts that are so complicated to disassemble and install that they’re not available to the average consumer. These parts include solenoids, contacts, and diaphragms. The process involves the solenoid switch drawing in a rod until it opens a set of contacts to turn off the electric current. The electric pump’s inner workings are not as straightforward as those of a mechanical pump. Magnetic fields, electric currents, and other advanced components make it pretty complex.

Electric fuel pump
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The main reasons for all this complexity are two-fold:

  1. Electric fuel pumps run at very high pressures - up to 90psi. That's much higher than the pressure most mechanical pumps run at (6-8 psi, with many being even less).
  2. Electric fuel pumps have to maintain constant pressure for proper fuel system function. This means that an electric fuel pump has to "know" how much fuel your engine needs at any given time and pump accordingly. There's a "conversation" between your engine control module and your electric fuel pump. That's not the case when you've got a mechanical fuel pump.

For all the reasons given, electric fuel pumps cannot be rebuilt. Considering how inexpensive new pump modules and assemblies are, and considering how long they last, it makes sense to go new.

What Do You Do When Your Electric Fuel Pump Goes Out?

Simply stated, replace it with a new one. You can splurge on an OEM replacement at your local dealership - and likely spend hundreds of dollars - or your can replace your OEM pump with a quality aftermarket unit for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost. Auteria has an extensive catalog of OEM grade fuel pump module assemblies, fuel pump and sender assemblies, and fuel tank sending units. All our products are backed by a solid warranty, and promise OEM fit and finish.