How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Fuel Pump?

When you have a failing fuel pump, the first question you may be asking is how much a replacement will cost. You came to the right place. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of diagnosing the issue and go over the costs associated with replacing your fuel pump components.


Diagnosing the Issue

The first thing you want to do is to verify that you indeed have a bad fuel pump. Take into account the symptoms your car is showing and see if they line up with the most common symptoms of a failing fuel pump.

Next, it’s time to confirm that it’s your fuel pump itself that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s possible that your fuel pump is okay but it seems to be underperforming because of low voltage or a bad connection. To do this, grab two jumper wires and a digital multimeter and check your fuel pump voltage. Refer to this step-by-step tutorial on checking your fuel pump voltage.

If the fuel pump voltage is okay, then you won’t need a replacement fuel pump. Maybe you’re dealing with another problem, such as a faulty fuel gauge or sending unit. If you’ve confirmed that you’ve got a failing fuel pump on your hands, then it’s time to figure out how much it’ll cost to replace it.

Calculating the Costs

Several variables go into the price of a fuel pump replacement, from the type of car you have to whether you want to do it yourself or hire a shop to do it. Let’s explore each one:

Your Time

What is your time worth? Doing this project yourself means spending time finding replacement parts*, cleaning the fuel system (optional), replacing the fuel pump, and replacing other parts (if necessary). The whole process could take half a day or more. Multiply how much your time is worth with how many hours this project may take, and you’ve got the value of the time you’ll spend on this project.

* Note: It can be hard to find fuel system parts for certain vehicles, so the searching process may take a little longer than expected. You can start with Auteria, though, as we carry fuel system parts for many different makes and models, even uncommon ones.

Replacement Parts

In a perfect world, an electric fuel pump can be rebuilt. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a world and rebuilding an electric fuel pump is impossible for the reasons explained here. The only thing you can do is get a replacement fuel pump.

The price of an aftermarket replacement fuel pump depends on several factors:

  • The kind of car you drive
  • Quality (OEM quality is best)
  • Fitment (a pump that’s built to your car’s specifications costs more than a pump that isn’t)

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest aftermarket fuel pump you can find, but we strongly suggest against it. When it comes to finding a replacement fuel pump, quality and fit are much more important than price. If you’re on a budget, you can look for the most affordable OEM-quality fuel pump built to your car’s specifications from a reputable manufacturer. You can’t go wrong with Auteria’s fuel pump assemblies because they’re:

  • Built to OEM specifications
  • Available at wholesale prices
  • Designed and built by certified professionals
Lincoln fuel pump

Auteria carries fuel pump assemblies for uncommon models like the Lincoln Mark LT

Cleaning the Fuel System

A lot of car owners forget to clean their fuel system before replacing their fuel pump. This step isn’t required, but it’s a smart one because doing so ensures that your fuel system won’t contaminate your replacement pump, prolonging its lifespan.

You can run a bottle of fuel system cleaner through your system, have a radiator shop steam clean your fuel tank, and/or clean the fuel tank yourself. If you decide to go the DIY route, you’ll have to factor in the cost of your time and the following equipment:

  • A fuel caddy or other approved container (in which to store your fuel)
  • A lint-free towel or an air compressor

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on cleaning your fuel system before replacing your fuel pump.

Repair Costs

You might feel that having your local shop take care of the fuel pump replacement is the better option for you. It typically costs up to $1,400, depending on the type of car you have. Some shops may let you buy a quality aftermarket fuel pump and then install it for you to help you save money, but that's uncommon.

Additional Damage

Sometimes the cost of a fuel pump replacement may run a little higher than expected due to additional damage. If left unchecked long enough, a faulty fuel pump can lead to damage in other parts due to low fuel pressure. For example, spark plugs can overheat after not getting enough fuel for a while. To avoid any further problems after replacing your fuel pump, be sure to check other parts to see if they need to be replaced too.

Spark plugs

A failing fuel pump can lead to overheated spark plugs, via Aidan Wojtas

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