How Much Fuel Can a Fuel Pump Pump?

Most fuel pumps are anonymous, identified by only a string of digits. But when a pump can pump more fuel than any other pump in the world, it gets the name Black Mamba. The Black Mamba, by Rage Fuel Systems, can pump up to 124 gallons per minute of racing fuel. That would be 7440 gallons per hour, if it ran that long. It pumps fuel faster than pumps used in cargo ships and airliners. We thought it would be fun to compare pumping rates of some of the highest flowing fuel pumps to some more typical fuel pumps.

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At Auteria, we think about fuel pumps a lot, and we really admire pumps like the Black Mamba. But we don't make fuel pumps for dragsters. We make highly engineered, highly reliable pumps to OEM standards for everyday vehicles. We've been making fuel pumps for nearly 50 years. If you need a fuel pump for your vehicle, please look at our pumps.