How To Replace a Fuel Pump In A 1990's Full-Size Ford Bronco

The 1990’s era Ford EFI Bronco has the fuel pump located inside of the gas tank. When the fuel pump dies after years of use, it’s time to replace it. This repair is pretty straightforward if you’re mechanically inclined. It’s just a little time consuming.

Silver bronco

The most difficult part of this job is the removal of the fuel tank. Once the tank is removed, replacing the pump is easy. Be sure to do this project in a well ventilated area, preferably outside.

Phase 1: Drop the Tank

Step 1: Minimize the weight by having as little fuel in the tank as possible.

Step 2: Remove the filler hose/neck.

Step 3: Unhook the fuel lines and electrical connectors.

Step 4. Support the tank with a floor jack and a block of wood.

Step 5: Remove the tank straps.

Step 6: Remove the protective skid plate.

This is all that holds the fuel tank in place. Once you’ve done these steps, the tank is ready to be dropped out from under the vehicle. Once the tank is out, you’re ready to install the new fuel pump.

Phase 2: Replace the Fuel Pump

Step 1: Use a large pair of channel locks or a fuel tank lock ring tool to remove the fuel tank lock ring. (You can rent a lock ring tool from your local auto parts store.)

Step 2: Carefully remove the pump assembly. Pay close attention to the float wire. Bending this will require recalibration.

Step 3: Replace the sock screen filter and do a visual inspection on the interior of the tank. Make sure the tank is free of all dirt and debris.

Step 4: Remove the two screws that hold the sender assembly to the pump and carefully slide them apart. The new pump is ready to be installed.

Step 5: Slide the new fuel pump onto the sending unit and then crimp the wires together. (Check the connection with a 12v battery charger.)

Step 6: Replace the new fuel pump/sender unit assembly back on the tank and install the new sealing gasket. Put the fuel tank lock ring back on and tighten it up snuggly.

Step 7: Reinstall the tank; hooking up fuel lines and the power connector. Be careful aligning the fuel filler hose so as not to pinch it or crimp it on anything, and you’re done!

To make things a little more clear, we've listed a couple of YouTube videos below that show the process. Enjoy!

Tank Removal

Fuel Pump Replacement